1-FUNCTIONING-Gas-HIGH DES TRAVEL_Victorville2-FUNCTIONING - MOHSEN-Active Station3-FUNCTIONING - SHELL Gas4-Loc 01-FT IRWIN Rd-Outer Hwy 15 NLoc 3-A-YERMO RD-GARAGE Brown BldgLoc 3-B-YERMO RD-AWNING ONLY Bldg Far AwayLoc 3-C-YERMO RD-BROKEN GLASS-7th StLoc 04-TRUCK WASH Covered GreenLoc 05-JEREMYs-Newberry SpringsLoc 06-DAGGETT-A StreetLoc 07-AFTON-Baker MARKET_DunnLoc 08-WHITING Bros-RT66-NewbSprngLoc 09 A-LUDLOW-Truck TiresLoc 09 B-LUDLOW-Brick-Old TrucksLoc 10-40E at ELLIOT-E of LudlowLoc 11-ROYS Gas Cafe_AmboyLoc 11-BORON-Old Gas Station and Car Wash-No Drone Shot